E-mail Marketing

We have a data base otherwise of 200.000 contacts from Guatemala to which its publicity can send them.

Our service of Email Marketing works exclusively by means of professional servants dedicated destined to the shipment of the publicity, these stay in a optimum equipped level of maintenance and with software exclusively designed for Email Marketing.

Software de Email Maketing

Software, was designed to administer the information of the shipments that are formed for our clients, in the denominated area ADMIN that allows us of an effective and safe form to form the shipments.

Account also with the area CLIENT by means of which we offered access to our clients, by means of who they can have an ample panel of statistics with diverse functions of interest. By means of the software of Email Marketing, the client has access to his shipment in real time, capturing by means of the data as: whichever Email of the data base has been sent until the moment (verification in real time), how many of emails that has been sent until the moment have been visualized by the clients, and a section of interested in which by means of the form which we included in all our publicities the users leave to commentaries or requests of information for our clients, this information is administered by our clients of the form that more is adapted for their company.

Data of Access

As we mentioned it previously these data of access, they allow the client to enter software of Email Marketing and power to visualize their statistics, these data are unique for each client, and when entering they will only be able to have access to the shipments realised by his company and that handle the same brand. These data are made delivery the same day them of the shipment approximately 15 minutes after having begun to realise the shipment.

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Optimization Web

Optimization Web Service of optimization of webpages. We cause that its website really works.

Positioning Web

Positioning Web Positioning Web in Google. Obtaining a much greater visibility and therefore + visits + consultations + sales.

Publicity in Internet

Publicity in Internet We create, we optimized and we administered all type of campaigns of publicity in finders and by means of banners in several formats in websites of high traffic in Guatemala.

Administration of Webpages

Administration of Content of Webpages Services of update and administration of its webpages.

The stability wished for its webpage and e-mails is here

Lodging professional Web, of quality and trustworthiness to reasonable costs.

Plans of Hosting

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