Service of Repair of Computers in Guatemala

For its equipment of computer science we offer the services to him of technical support and repair of computers, remote technical support (at a distance) and technical support in the site.

What Includes the Service of Technical Support?

  • Verification and eradication of computer viruses.
  • Installation and configuration of work programs anti-virus, entertainment and more.
  • Installation and reinstallation of operating system.
  • Support in software (configuration, installation and reinstallation of programs).
  • Support in hardware (repair, installation, configuration and completion).
  • Support to networks: configuration, wiring and completion of workstations.

Remote Technical support (at a distance):

  • Immediate attention service via remote.
  • Without monthly contracts nor rents (Option to monthly plans).
  • Payment by event or monthly invoicing.
  • Security: You decide when the technician to his computer connects itself.

As he works?

When having a problem contacts to us via Internet or by Telephone and they will connect its equipment with its approval.

If the problem cannot be solved via remote is sent a technician to the site (its house/office).

The security of its equipment is guaranteed:

  • The technician cannot connect himself if you do not give access him.
  • When you decide “you cut” the communication and the technician becomes disconnected.
  • Each new session will be used a different password.
  • Encripción SSL of 128 bits in the communication is used.

Technical support in Site:

If the problem is not solved via remote is sent a technician to the site (its house/office).

Security: The personnel who attends to him is identified

Experience: the experience of years in the area of computer science technical support

Any doubt or extension contacts to us, makes us arrive its consultation and we will answer to him as rapidly as possible.


The majority of the faults comes by the computer viruses or the dust layers that are accumulated in the internal devices, which brings about overheat and that causes that the machine is put slow or fails things among others, when these faults affect to the computer in many occasions is necessary to change some piece of the same or until even changing the computer in their totality.

In order to prevent or to detect any fault that can present the equipment, it is necessary to establish a programmed preventive maintenance of his equipment of computer science, as much of Hardware (physical parts) and Software (Operating system and programs). And thus to avoid any type of disadvantages.

In we offer the Preventive maintenance services to him for its Equipment of Computer science

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Preventive maintenance Equipment of Computer science

Preventive maintenance of Computers The preventive maintenance for its equipment of computer science.

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Networks and Structured Wiring Administration and Installation of Data networks.

Technical support

Technical support Guatemala We let us dedicate to their business we dedicated ourselves to their equipment

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