Maintenance of Equipment of Calculation

The preventive maintenance and corrective of computer science equipment consists of a series of routines that take to end to provide an optimal and effective yield in the operation of the computers and equipment of computer science.

Some of the routines that are realised in the preventive maintenance are the internal and external cleaning of the computer science equipment, with antistatic chemicals, calibration of monitor, mouse and keyboard. Cleaning and internal lubrication to all the components (sound, video card, fax modem, regulator, hard disk, CD-ROM, etc. Verification of sectors damaged or lost in hard disk.

Why is important the preventive maintenance?

The preventive maintenance of its equipment of computer science is important because its equipment and operating system must be in optimum conditions and preparation for the unforeseen circumstance. If you do not implement the tasks for mantenimeinto routine, the computers can fail or become infected with some virus.

The majority of the faults comes by the computer viruses or the dust layers that are accumulated in the internal devices, which brings about overheat and that causes that the machine is put slow or fails things among others, when these faults affect to the computer in many occasions is necessary to change some piece of the same or until even changing the computer in their totality.

In order to prevent or to detect any fault that can present the equipment, it is necessary to establish a programmed preventive maintenance of his equipment of computer science, as much of Hardware (physical parts) and Software (Operating system and programs). And thus to avoid any type of disadvantages.

This way we can prevent or detect any fault that can present the equipment.

Although all the mishaps cannot be come up, until the smallest efforts in this sense will increase the performance of the operating system. Therefore, the benefits cause that mantenimientno preventive is important.

In we offer the Preventive maintenance services to him for its Equipment of Computer science

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