We let us dedicate to their business we dedicated ourselves to their equipment

For its equipment of computer science, we offer an ample range to him of services that go from the preventive maintenance and corrective of their equipment of calculation, to the installation and configuration of programs of work, anti-virus, entertainment and more. Not only those, but we also provide cheap vps server hosting only for you. The web hosting service that we are providing for you is supporting many software that people usually need, for example, Java, and many other more, we combine with our cheap kvm vps hosting, you will got secure website with lowest price!

Preventive maintenance

External cleaning, with antistatic chemicals, calibration of monitor, mouse and keyboard. Cleaning and internal lubrication to all the components (sound, video card, fax modem, regulator, hard disk floppy disk, CD-ROM, etc. Verification of sectors damaged or lost in hard disk.

Medium repair

Verification and eradication of computer viruses. Support in software (configuration, installation and completion). Support in hardware (repair, installation, configuration and completion). Support to networks: configuration, wiring, operating system and completion of workstations.

Data networks

It shares archives between users, data between offices, or shares a connection to Internet.

In Integrated Solutions we offer solutions to him for the design, installation, support and consultant's office of its wire net or wireless for small, medians and great companies, as well as for Cybercafe Coffee or networks domestic servants.

If it has some specific requirement contacts to us, make us arrive his request to create a plan for you exclusively.

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Repair of Computers

Repair of Computers We let us dedicate to their business we dedicated ourselves to their equipment.

Preventive maintenance Equipment of Computer science

Preventive maintenance of Computers The preventive maintenance for its equipment of computer science.

Networks and Structured Wiring

Networks and Structured Wiring Administration and Installation of Data networks, we also have best unlimited hosting plans for the one who want to start or learn to build website.

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Lodging professional Web, of quality and trustworthiness to reasonable costs.

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